Podiatry Services at AIMG

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is the branch of medicine dedicated to the study, diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment of disorders related to the foot, ankle, and lower extremities. Whether you’re dealing with corns, calluses, bunions, congenital issues, or injuries, these medical specialists are trained to diagnose and treat issues related to the foot and ankle. A lot of people simply call them “Foot Doctors” for short! They treat:

  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Sprains
  • General growing pains
  • Heel pains
  • Bunions and hammertoes
  • Diabetes-related foot issues
  • Issues with gait

AIMG’s Approach

As part of RWJBarnabas Health, our dedicated podiatrists at Avenel Iselin Medical Group have access to the latest equipment and technologies to diagnose and treat your podiatric needs. We understand the value of living pain-free, not to mention the enriched quality of life that one can gain from  increased mobility and independence.

Our podiatrists are certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and are experienced in performing minimally invasive surgeries of the foot and ankle. Our goal is to provide a program and environment to foster a higher quality of life for our patients.

Podiatry at AIMG:

You may be wondering what to expect when you schedule a podiatry appointment at AIMG. This naturally depends on your symptoms, but you can expect the following: 

Medical History

This includes a discussion of your lifestyle, any inherited conditions, injuries, symptoms you are experiencing, and the type of shoes you wear.

A physical examination

Your AIMG podiatrist will examine your feet and look for any signs of warts, corns, bunions, fungus, or any other foot conditions as well as the condition of your toenails. Your podiatrist may also evaluate your gait, leg length, and observe any signs of poor circulation.


Depending on your type of problem and the severity of your symptoms, your podiatrist may also order further testing, such as an ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or bone scan to rule out issues such as vascular blockage or broken bones.

Suggested Treatment

There are various forms of treatments available and could include the following:

Lifestyle changes

Many patients with foot problems are overweight, so if this is the case, your podiatrist may discuss diet and exercise options with you to help alleviate pressure on your feet.

Custom Orthotics

Many patients find that custom orthotics are helpful in alleviating foot pain and issues with gait. They are made from a mold of your foot and designed to remedy any structural issues you may have, such as high or low arches, bunions, etc.


Patients dealing with foot diseases often benefit from anti-fungal and other topical treatments to eliminate or reduce symptoms.

Additionally, AIMG also provides the following advanced services:

  • Diabetic Foot Care: which emphasizes healthy diet and exercise practices, regular medical exams, blood tests, and foot examinations to ensure proper circulation
  • Wound, Injury, and Fracture Care: which can involve the cleaning and dressing of wounds with splints, casts, or other orthotic devices to foster proper healing
  • Podiatric and Corrective Surgeries: which can improve and/or restore function to those with injuries or congenital issues

AIMG is here to provide you with the best in podiatric screening and treatment options. If you have any questions about our Podiatry services or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our medical group at (732) 404-1580 or submit a request through our Patient Portal.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911.

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